Thursday 6 June 2013

Self Portrait in Derwent Drawing pencil, on black paper

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How I Created my Latest Avatar

The first three "in-progress" photographs that I took feature the pencils used up to that point.

1. Wheat 
    (this initial drawing got corrected)
2. + Mars Violet, Smoke Blue
    (because I'd had to change the lower part of the face, I worked up from there.
     These three colours work well together)
3. + Yellow Ochre

I wasn't quite so assiduous about the pencils after that, but I think I can remember...

4. + Solway Blue, Chinese White, Ivory Black
    (finally! An eye...)
5. + Mars Orange
     (Two eyes! Adding a bit of warmth with the orange)
6.  + Ruby Earth, Ink Blue
     (More warmth, and a deeper blue for the shadows; and an ear has appeared)

You would think, by now, that my own high forehead wouldn't catch me out, but it seems that, almost every time I do a self portrait, I run out of space at the top!

Some musings on self portraiture and a few other examples can be found here.

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