Friday 23 May 2014

Four-Pastel Sketches

It rained for most of today, but the evening was delightful. My generous husband suggested I get out on the hills for an hour or so after tea; how could I refuse?

I took a new set of four pastel pencils out with me (there was a sale on at the not-very-local art and craft emporium) and tried them out on some of my favourite hills (left to right: Watership Down, Ladle Hill, Beacon Hill. The building in the left hand foreground is part of a racing stables).
Those colours are definitely intended for (fairly minimalist) landscapes.

Which is why I used them to draw my old Sindy doll's scooter, of course...

Did you notice the new watermark? To go with the new look blog, I have acquired my own domain name!

At the moment, gets you this blog. With less characters in the address bar.

4-Pastel Downs
Pastel on paper, A6

Sindy's Scooter
Pastel on paper, A4

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