Sunday 21 September 2014

September in the Abstract

Two abstracts-in-progress (both 20 x 20 cm) from yesterday.

My 8-year-old daughter tested out my dribbly acrylic technique;
I tested out the idea of 'tutoring' (and had another go at the dribbly acrylic thing).
I'm not sure, but I think I may have learnt more than she did... except what I learnt wasn't about how to *do* art.

Last September, I posted my first consciously abstract painting, along with an analogy between music and visual art.

This September, I posted my biggest abstract painting to date (I don't make much abstract art), done using a technique that I hadn't tried before.

And... all of a sudden, I have suddenly started noticing abstracts dotted around the online galleries that I frequent when I'm not blogging, painting or otherwise engaged. Is it the time of year?

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