Tuesday 15 May 2012

Welby Church 1: Framed

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(Original Welby Church post)

What do you think of the choice of frame? I quite like it - nice and broad, simple (like the subject), and the yellow wood seems to pick out the sandstone of the church. The frame was, ahem, a sale bargain. The subject was serendipitously on my list of things I wanted to paint, and when I was considering what size and shape to make the painting, I remembered the little canvases that fitted these frames. And the colour of the frames...

Yes, these frames. I bought two of them. There might be a companion piece to this... one day.

Is it wrong to paint something for a specific frame? It seems dreadfully commercial (but this painting is a gift). However, I like to look upon it as a fortunate coming together of subject, proportion, colour and style.

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