Monday 11 June 2012

Cotton Bag: Botallack Chimney

This cotton bag was a bit of an experiment (made yesterday evening). A while back, before we acquired the fabric pens, I bought some fabric wax crayons. The children found them difficult to use, but they do have a decent range of colours (15), and they're a bit more subtle than the pens. A bit too subtle on their own - I ended up adding a bit of delineation with the black pen after I'd pressed the wax image.

Pressed. As in ironed. I actually ironed this bag twice!

But it's more fun than ironing shirts, isn't it?

Anyway, it seems to have worked quite well. The colours mix and blend quite well, and - as I'd hoped - the square boldness of Botallack: Chimney looks pretty good on a bag, although, of course, this is a much sketchier version.

I might have another go at a different picture-of-a-painting-on-a-bag some evening soon.

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  1. It may be of interest that the wax colours transferred when ironed (I now have a tea towel with a ghost-image of Botallack: Chimney on it), but the ink from the pens did not.


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