Sunday 3 June 2012

Face to Face: Clips

This is a subsidiary post to Face to Face: Some Commercial Solutions to Transporting and Storing Wet Canvases.

This is what the clips look like. The "ears" can fold up (as shown above and below left; this allows you to open the clip in order to operate it) or down (which makes it more compact, as shown above right; if the clip is being used, folding the ears down prevents them catching on anything; this is shown below left).
The clips come in sets of four. You need two on each long edge of the pair of canvases:
I always put both clips on the first edge before I do the second one. They are quite easy to put on - just remember to put the ears up on all of the clips first - but, as previously noted, the second edge will tend to close up. If you find a way round this, do let me know...

The first time that I used my clips (the occasion that I painted Watership Down and Cottington's Hill), I managed to lose one clip en route to my painting position (the canvases were - as is my wont - bungeed to the back of my rucksack). Fortunately, the canvases were small and one on the top edge sufficed for the journey home (despite paying special attention to the ground I didn't find the lost clip). I can only imagine that I hadn't put it on properly. I bought another set, and now have three spares.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    thanks for your post- I'm looking for something like this as want to do oil paintings at an art class + take them afterwards but by public transport. Where did you get your clips from? Thanks, Rachel

    1. I think I got them on eBay, Rachel. I'm sorry I can't be more precise (and that the reponse is so very, very late). Hope you found something suitable.


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