Sunday 1 July 2012

Cotton Bag: Red and black dragon, entwined in Celtic border

Is this one more gothicky?

It took me a while to figure out how the tail was going to entwine itself into the border. I'm not entirely sure that it's quite perfect as a design... which probably means I'll do another one soon.

I do rather like the glitter on these dragons, so this one got the glitter treatment, too. Some of it is evident in the close-up, below.

And then I realised that the glitter paint soaked through the fabric of the bag and stuck to the other side. Oops. Fortunately, I was able to separate the surfaces on all of the glittery dragon bags that I've done so far, without damaging anything.



  1. hello, i would like to buy this one please. Its for my friend Kate (railway book) for her birthday. She would love it! Can i get it middle week pls, after work/school etc? x

    1. Okay! SOLD to the lovely lady for her friend.


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