Wednesday 29 August 2012

New Forest Heather 3: Path (7x7)

This is painted from a photograph taken last Wednesday on the same trip that supplied me with the source image for "New Forest Heather 1: From the stream bed".

The original image is decidedly more rectangular, but I seem to have run out of suitably sized canvases with the right proportions for the big portrait version in oils that I was planning. This is a sketch to see if the image works as a square.

You may have noticed that "New Forest Heather 2" is missing from the blog. Well, it exists; I made two versions of this image yesterday evening. You'll find it on DeviantART...

And here.

This version is truer to the photograph. It shows the steepness of the hill better, I think. But I omitted the figure in card version. He was there in my photograph; it's my 8 year old son.

Here they both are in various states of paint:

New Forest Heather 3: Path - acrylic on canvas, 7 x 7 cm
(painted with that 3/8" brush I used on Lego 46, with the last details on the figure done with a rigger)

New Forest Heather 2: Path - acrylic on Artist Trading Card, 2.5 x 3.5"
(painted entirely with the 3/8" brush)


  1. Love the flowers at the bottom again, it looks so welcoming. I accidentally drove through Ebbor Gorge yesterday and saw an artist with his easel painting the view from the car park. Thought of you!

  2. Oh, painting from the car park is just too unadventurous! ;-) Nearly as bad a taking photographs and working the image up at home!


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