Thursday 10 January 2013

Wollaton Hall: Gothic Mansion (AKA Wollaton Gothic)

Wollaton Hall, an Elizabethan country house, is in Nottingham. Well, it's in Wollaton, which is in what you might call Greater Nottingham. The house - set in a fabulously large park - has been in the hands of Nottingham City Council (formerly Nottingham Corporation) since 1925, and is a rather splendid museum.

It's also the home of Batman, insofar as it was used as a location in the recent Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. I find it pretty apt that Batman has a roost in Nottingham, because the village of Gotham (famed for its residents who pretended to be insane) is in Nottinghamshire.

This view - based on a couple of photographs taken in autumn last year - seems apt for the Batman theme. Oh, did I mention the deer? Wollaton Park is home to herds of Red and Fallow Deer - that's a Red Deer stag ambling across the hill in front of the house.

Oil on canvas, 55 x 33 cm
For sale

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  1. Wow, Amanda, you've been painting like crazy lately! These land/seascapes are fabulous. The skies are so full of movement that I can feel the breezes. So interesting that this was the house in the Batman movie; I just watched it last week for the first time. When that massive, ornate facade appeared (they made it look much more foreboding that it really is, I'm sure), I assumed it was at least partly computer generated. I'll add it to the list of English architectural sites I want to visit if I ever make it across the pond!


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