Saturday 1 December 2012

Godrevy 7x5 - SOLD

I went back to my photographs for this, a small, quick, using-up-the paint rendition of New Year's day 2012 at Gwithian (with a view of Godrevy lighthouse).

Previous renditions:
Incidentally, I spotted a reference somewhere to Godrevy being "Virginia Woolf's lighthouse" - that is, the one featured in her avant garde novel, To The Lighthouse (I have read it, many years ago. It was heavy going). However, this claim appears to be questionable; although the author visited Godrevy a few times, the novel is set in the Hebrides (I'd forgotten that) and there is no direct evidence to identify any specific lighthouse.

Oil on canvas, 7 x 5"
27 November 2012

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