Sunday 2 December 2012

Yellow 7x5

This painting resulted from an attempt to use up a big blob of yellow (and sundry other colours) on my palette after completing Skyline 2 and Misty Nuthangar. Of course, it didn't work that well, because I had to add a few other colours to finish this - so I painted Godrevy 7x5, too.

By which time, it was definitely time to stop.

I've dealt with this subject before, albeit in a different way; the drawing Study in Yellow seems to merit the description "study" far more than this quickly splodged representation (described as "juicy" by another artist, which I like). Hence, I have named this, simply, "Yellow", although it does occur to me now that it isn't really about the colour in any absolute way. It is, however, about the fields of oilseed rape.

Oil on canvas, 7 x 5"
27 November 2012

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