Wednesday 19 December 2012

Trevarno Halt

Here's another image from the Helston Railway. It's the bridge adjacent to their first and former station at Trevarno... it's a long story.

I liked this image because of the tree; its height, its shape, and its proximity to the wonderful granite bridge, which wouldn't be complete without the rails passing beneath it and off into the distance - but I couldn't fit it all into one photograph from the platform. So I just took lots of photographs.

Thee painting itself is another knife painting in acrylic. I brightened and distorted (slightly) the colours of the granite bridge deliberately, but - because the painting was done under artificial light - I wasn't quite sure if it had worked. The photograph of the painting was taken in a snatched moment this afternoon; I think that the gamble paid off.

Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40cm
For Sale


  1. I like this, and not just because I'm a railwayman! Funnily enough, I bought Chris Leah's recent book on the Helston railway for my partner, for xmas, as she is from that area and remembers using the line as a child.

  2. That should be Chris Heaps, btw

    I have told him that you have pictures of the railway, in case he is interested. Hope that's ok.


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