Saturday 8 December 2012

Greenham Reflection: Spotted Bullock

Greenham Common is particularly wet at the moment. There are a number of ponds, pools and (possibly) lakes (I'm not sure how big a body of water has to be before it is called a lake) that are always there. There are also a lot of big puddles that occasionally dry up - if we have a hot, dry summer.

This summer wasn't very dry at all.

There are also cattle on the common. This bullock had positioned himself nicely next to the water, making a splendid reflection. The day - it was the 26th November - was a little dull, but I thought that the grey sky added a certain drama to the image.

It took me several sessions to complete this painting - mainly because each session was quite short - and so there are a few "in-progress" shots:

I painted the edges of the canvas - a standard depth -with Paynes Grey (a very dark grey) acrylic before I started on the oils. It looks alright - but I think it would look better in a frame. A dark one, perhaps.

Oil on canvas, 38 x 46 cm

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