Thursday 20 December 2012

Granite Gate Post, Cornwall

A disused granite post nestles in the hedgerow on a hillside above Helston.

I took the source photograph in August this year; I made the painting this past weekend as a birthday gift. I started the painting under artificial light on Saturday evening - and had thought it was finished - but was disappointed with the colours in the cold light of morning. The greens were decidedly too flat and too blue. It was almost a if I had used Viridian (a dark, bluish green) straight from the tube! (In actual fact, I mixed my greens - and everything else - from Phthalo Blue, Lemon Yellow, Process Magenta and Titanium White*.) The stone was lacking warmth, too.

So I took a bit of time on Sunday morning jollying up the colours.

Acrylic on canvas panel, 5x7"
16 December 2012
Painted as a gift
*This is my current acrylics version of the oils palette described in a previous post.

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