Tuesday 9 October 2012

Fireplane in a frame ... and in an exhibition!

I recently submitted a few paintings into a local Open Exhibition and was fortunate enough to have had Greenham Common Fireplane selected for inclusion.

The exhibition is the Greenham Common Open, and its theme is, essentially, the Common itself:
New Greenham Arts is based on the de-commissioned American nuclear air base at Greenham Common. Our current visual arts strategy explores the geographic, political and emotional themes drawn from the significance of its location. The exhibition aims to show work in a diverse range of media.
I'd already painted this one. I did a couple more paintings of the common, to give myself several chances, but it was the fireplane that got into the exhibition. Needless to say, I was utterly delighted; I haven't done this Open thingummajig before, and it was fantastic to be accepted.

It did mean that I needed to frame the painting. I dithered over the weekend and then ordered a bespoke frame from www.eframe.co.uk, but the timescales were a bit tight; there was barely more than a week before I had to deliver the painting. After much anxiety, the frame arrived the day before the deadline (5pm today), giving me time to fit it.

I took the framed painting to work with me today, and then made a bit of a mad dash to Greenham and arrived at 4:45pm - phew! - there was a little bit of confusion over personnel, but I think all was well.

The photo at the top of the post is a flash photograph of the newly framed painting on our wall yesterday evening.

The exhibition runs from 17th October to 22nd November at New Greenham Arts. I'm rather looking forward to seeing what else is there!

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