Sunday 14 October 2012

The LEGO Book: "Minifigures on Canvas"

Yesterday, I uploaded my data to Blurb, the on-demand publishers. I also ordered a few copies to check out the results. Blurb books are meant to be "bookshop quality", so I have high hopes. But my copies aren't due to arrive until the end of October, so I thought I'd share the link with you now.

If you want a hardback, I'm told that companies like Blurb are the only realistic option. I've given mine "premium" paper, so it's definitely the luxury option. But if you're more interested in a paperback (my Blurb version has "standard" paper), it can be more cost effective for me to make a bulk order via a more conventional printing company.

I'm looking into that option.

The Blurb prices, before post and packing, are £10 for the paperback, £17 for the hardback. I think I can knock a couple of quid off a perfect bound (flat spine) paperback and a saddle stitched book should be less again.

Do let me know if you fancy a copy, especially if you'd like a cheaper paperback. Then I'll know roughly how many to order. No commitment at this stage - after all, I don't have all the pricing sorted out.

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