Thursday 4 October 2012

Judge a Book by its Cover

Just short of a year ago, I painted the first LEGO minifigure painting. I never really expected the series to get anywhere near as big as it has done; there are now 54 paintings, all 7 by 7cm square, all acrylic on canvas.

And all 54 of those paintings are to appear in the slim volume whose cover you see above. Possibly with two as-yet-unpainted ones, because I just found a bit of extra space in the book.

No, I haven't got a publisher. It's an experiment in self-publishing. I anticipate being able to sell the paperback for £10 and the hardback (with nicer paper) for £15. The book will be 7" square (which pleases me, for I have fond memories of 7" vinyl*) and will have 20 pages, packed with fantastic plastic. (The price goes up quite drastically after 20 pages).

I haven't made any orders yet (not even a proof), but if I know in advance that enough people would like a copy, I'll pass my bulk discount on to anyone who registers an interest in a copy now (do let me know if you'd prefer a paperback or a hardback)

*If you don't know what that means, you are almost certainly younger than I am.

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