Tuesday 23 October 2012

Helston Rails

A little painting of a big project. The Helston Railway in Cornwall is a heritage railway under construction. The image shows some of the recently re-lain track on "the Britain's most southerly railway", as seen from a guard van ride behind a Ruston Shunter. From a photograph that I took in August.

It took me two sessions to complete this painting (one was the tail end of a session that properly belonged to a bigger painting - see "Chain Painting"); at the end of the first session, Helston Rails looked like this:
It also had its (standard depth) edges painted - in oils. It's a bit easier with a small painting - especially, I have found, if you use your fingers to manipulate the paint around the corners. Knives, for all their brilliance as painting tools, are not very good at corners.

26 x 20 cm, oil on canvas.

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