Thursday 25 October 2012

Watership Down (5x7) in free sample paint

I managed to get my hands on a free samples set of Williamsburg oils, which are meant to be very good paints. There were three tubes, each 40ml, in Ultramarine, Yellow Ochre, and Courbet Green. The latter - a rich, dark green that seems well suited to landscape - was new to me. The other two colours were familiar, but are not core elements of my usual palette.

I decided to try and paint a picture using just these colours.
A small landscape, I thought. But then I decided that I would need white, if only to tone the Ultramarine down to a daytime sort of shade.

So I dug out my big tube of Titanium White (from the rather less esoteric Daler Rowney Georgian range), along with a small painting knife, and this was the result:
It's based loosely on the big Watership Down that I completed recently, but rather smaller (7 x 5 inches) and somewhat simplified.

And how were the paints? They were very nice; smooth. But I'm not entirely sure that they were very much nicer than my usual Daler Rowneys (if at all), and the amount of paint I apply does tend to dictate limits on the cost of the paint.

The colour exercise was fun, though.

Oil on canvas (knife painting), 7 x 5 inches.


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